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“I highly recommend Wendy Newman for writing and messaging projects. Her firm, Strategic Voice, excels at developing and implementing effective communications strategies. SpaceLink got significant industry recognition through our work together.”

                                                                                                            – Dave Bettinger, CEO, Axta Space


Strategic Voice provides public relations consulting and writing services, including fast turnarounds for:

We are experts at message development and boiling down company milestones into stories of interest to the press. We know how to drive your story forward and can help with internal processes, customer approvals, and media outreach to elevate your brand and help your company shine.


Wendy Newman (formerly Wendy Lewis) was Vice President of Marketing & Communications for SpaceLink, an innovative company that opened the market for commercial space data relay networks. She has worked with a variety of space and satellite companies at Strategic Voice and previously led external communications for satellite manufacturer Space Systems Loral (now Maxar Technologies) for more than a dozen years.

She knows how space and satellite systems benefit life on Earth and has an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the burgeoning space economy. A graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in Art and English, she established Strategic Voice to provide strategic planning, writing, and media outreach services to companies involved with space systems and satellites.

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September 2022: As chair of the SSPI-WISE mentoring committee, Wendy Newman interviewed Lori Garver about her book, “Escaping Gravity.”

Lori was Deputy Administrator of NASA from 2009-2013, and she wrote about her quest to transform NASA and launch a new space age in her memoir. Webcast live on September 22, 2022, Wendy represented the SSPI-WISE mentoring group in a discussion of how women’s role in the space and satellite industry has changed and the importance of commercial innovation, which has become the norm since Lori first promoted it during her time at NASA. The interview also touched on having the courage to take an unpopular stance and how space can be used to combat climate change.


Omar Mahmoud
Wendy Newman is a true master of her craft and a standout in the world of public relations. With meticulous attention to detail and unmatched writing prowess, she delivers highly tailored and compelling communications that resonate long after they’ve been delivered.
Omar P. Mahmoud
Sr. Manager, Executive Communications, Redwire Space
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"Wendy has a superior talent for developing succinct and compelling messaging. She has excellent relationships with the trade press, and at SpaceLink she regularly got our story told in Space News, Via Satellite, Space Intel Report, and Milsat Magazine, as well as in broader market publications like Aviation Week and The Wall Street Journal."
Tony Colucci
International Space Industry Business & Strategy Executive
Negar Feher
Wendy has mentored me and helped me throughout my career. She coached me for speaking engagements and flawlessly executed business development and marketing events with a care to detail that I hadn't previously seen. She is truly a gem and someone I'd highly recommend for any marketing or communications efforts.
Negar Feher
Chief Revenue Officer, SpaceRyde
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"She is a strong communicator who can translate complex technology concepts into clear press releases that engage a broad range of audiences."
Andre Kearns
Marketing Director, Aerospace and Satellite at Amazon Web Services
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"Wendy is a consummate professional. She always kept our company on strategy and on message."
Jeff Brum
VP Marketing, Mechdyne Corporation
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"She well navigates the complex and often challenging demands of multiple constituents in creating the right message, both strategically and specifically for each occasion."
Rich Currier
Former Senior VP, Business Development, SSL
Jomya Lei, Satellite Design Engineer, Viasat
Wendy is the bridge for women in all stages of career development – providing them invaluable connections across the space industry. As one of the SSPI-WISE founders and as the mentoring working group chair, she has supported the professional growth of many women.
Jomya Lei
Vice-Chair of SSPI-WISE, Satellite Design Engineer Viasat
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"Wendy is a talented professional who always maintains an eye on the big picture while executing flawlessly on every detail. She has my highest recommendation as a leader who excels at defining the narrative and executing programs that drive awareness and engagement."
Dario Zamarian
Former SSL Group President
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"...her expertise in how best to leverage social and other media, and her ability to get high quality projects completed and approved, often by multiple parties with differing interests, has made her a tremendous asset across our many activities."
Gerry Nagler
Senior Advisor at Quilty Analytics
Dave Bettinger
I highly recommend Wendy Newman for writing and messaging projects. Her firm, Strategic Voice, excels at developing and implementing effective communications strategies. SpaceLink got significant industry recognition through our work together
Dave Bettinger
Co-Founder/CEO, Axta Space
Jeanette Quinlan
Wendy did a great job running marketing and communications for both SpaceLink and Space Systems Loral. At SpaceLink, she expertly prepared me for an international speaking engagement with targeted messaging to the moderator's questions that was also appropriate for the audience.
Jeanette Quinlan
Director of Program Management, Maxar Technologies